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How To Choose Dining Room Tables And Chairs For Kids

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You can easily resist stains from dining room tables and chairs if they are upholstered with microfiber or faux leather seat covers. Decorating for children require the table that could repel the damage from a juice-wielding toddler as well as complement your decor and budget. Make sure you get ready for the worst and treasure the good when decorating to make sturdy, safe, and stylish dining room furniture.

Table Shapes

The shape of the room can help choosing table shape. Long tables are good for long dining rooms, while wider rooms suit round or oval tables. Choose dining room tables and chairs that have no sharp edges as they won’t harm kids such as the round or oval tables. If you want rectangle and square tables, make sure the edges are smooth.


The table’s material should be taken into consideration when choosing a dining room table. It is easy to clean and sturdy to have stainless steel and tile-top tables. Modern decor welcomes stainless steel and if the kitchen is open to the dining room it matches stainless steel appliances. Almost any space could be fitted with tile-top tables based on the color and style of the tiles installed on the tabletop. Coastal design would fit white tiles or create Crafts-themed and Arts spaces with sage green. A range of design styles and sturdiness can be obtained from wood tables. Create relaxed style with lightly used tables with few score and marks for home with younger children. New wooden tables could be great for older kids that offer functionality as they grow.

Durable material

Your piece of furniture should be able to endure wear and scratch throughout the time. Your craft and homework room should use dining room tables and chairs with a sturdy, machine-washable table covering. Provide child-safety locks and anchor to the wall for tall free-standing furniture.


When your kids are still sitting in booster seats or high chairs avoid buying multiple matching dining room chairs. You can momentarily replace the need for chair with high chairs and the chair surface could be scratched by the bottom of the booster seat. Consider using mismatched chairs but with the same height to make the eclectic style room. Instead of buying seats in large quantities, consider buying a bench your children are older and you expect to have more guests. Place a bench on one side of the table and put chairs to the end of the table. Pick easy cleaning seating for wood dining room tables and chairs such as the one with microfiber textile covering.

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