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3 Ways in Picking Extendable Dining Table Seats 12 Efficiently

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Are you in dire need of extendable dining table seats 12? Then you have come to the right place! Say no more to squeezing people so tight until you feel other’s elbow in your ribs. Whether you need to seat 8, 10, or even 12, you will not have to worry anymore. Check out these three easy in picking a big extendable dining table below.

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The Ideal Size of Extendable dining table seats 12

The most ideal room size that will fit extendable dining table seats 12 is at least 36” of space around your dining table. Alternatively, you can also measure about 2 feet for every person. Of course, a big table works the best in a big room. Regarding the size of the table, ideally, you may use an 80” to 120” wide table to accommodate 12 people. If you do not have to seat 12 every single day, an expendable 80” table is perfect for you who wish to cut on a budget. Roughly, a table in 80” with 2-18” extensions costs you around $1700, however an 11’ table would cost you $2100 or more.

Unlimited Styles

Nowadays, there are limitless styles of extendable dining table seats 12. The most common one is the one which turn your table into an oval. Yet, it becomes oblong since it gives you flat sides. However, there is a table which turns into a larger round table. The said table is able to go from a 56” diameter for six people into a 72” table, which is suitable for up to 12 people. The style of this table is classic so it suits both traditional and modern décor. Whether the oval or round ones, your personal preference matters in deciding which one is the best for you.


Although it is uncommon, you can try to combine benches and individual chairs at the same table. the benches will help you in accommodating more people comfortably. However, this style can only be applied to extendable tables which turn into ovals since it can be challenging to find benches with curves which match round tables.

If you are reading this and your dining room happens to be big enough, you are lucky! You are completely free to choose any size or shapes of extendable dining table seats 12. You can hold dinner parties with more people without having to worry about anything.

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