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3 Round Wood Dining Table Cleaning Hacks and Care Tips

Rustic Round Dining Table Dining Room Rustic With Driftwood French from Rustic Dining Table ,

On contrary to its sturdy look, round wood dining table needs extra attention. As a round wood dining table tend to be more unsteady compared to the square one, it will not hurt to pay an extra attention to its daily care. Wooden tables are probably the most common material among tables. However, less people actually take care of their round wood dining table properly. Take a look at the very basics of taking care of wooden tables below.

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Dusting and Cleaning A Round Wood Dining Table

When you do not have much time to clean your round wooden dining table properly, you still need to dust it often. Small particles of dust can buildup and scratch the table’s finish. Dust at least once a week using a dampened lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth to clean the dust. Avoid using any dust polish with silicones since it permanently damages the wood. In cleaning your table, use a non-alkaline soap and water solution. Immediately dry the wood with a dry cloth, as it is prone to water damage. If you want to polish your round wooden dining table, use a hard carnauba wax once a year to keep your table shiny.

The Right Placement

Never place your round wood dining table in a room with extreme temperatures and humidity levels. Avoid direct sunlight as well since it may fade and crack the wood. Also, make sure that your wooden table is away from a heat source as unstable temperature splits the wood. Moreover, it is also important to keep the humidity levels of the room between 40 and 45%. If it is lower than that, the wood may crack, while higher humidity will swell the wood. However, you can always use a humidifier to raise the humidity and air conditioner to lessen the air moisture.

Important Hacks

In order to reduce the damage, you need to prevent any activities that may ruin the dining table. For example, food spills need to be wiped as fast as possible. Still, there are several hacks you can try to lessen any possible damage. Firstly, you need to avoid placing hot pans on top of the table, however, when you accidentally do this, rub it using a dry steel-wool soap pad to remove the burnt area effectively. Secondly, although it sounds silly, mayonnaise removes water rings from wet glasses since only the wax is affected.

People tend to clean only the top of the round wood dining table while actually; you also need to take care of the legs. A shiny and durable dining table is now completely yours.

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