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Small Kitchen Table And Chairs Ideas And Designs

LERHAMN Table and 2 chairs IKEA from Small Kitchen Table And Chairs

It can be challenging choosing the small kitchen table and chairs for your kitchen. To help you out with this problem, keep reading this article and find lots of tips. If you have a small kitchen, you can create a space-saving eating area with a corner banquette. Make a snug cottage-style corner with a rustic beadboard and frame styled bistro table as a piece of art. You need to maximize your space in a small kitchen. It is possible to add a kitchen table there though. There is not much room it takes as you might think. Here is what you can learn with on small kitchen table ideas.

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Small Kitchen Table And Chairs Options

Measuring your space is the first thing to do. Small kitchen table and chairs require a minimum of 7 feet to fit, 9 feet is the best and though you are fine with 8 feet. You can place a 36″ table and chair with 9 feet. To avoid people bumping off items on the table, there should be walking space around the table with 48″. Do not worry if you are living in a condo or apartment with extremely tight space. There is a smaller table you can choose but make sure it is no less than 30 inches or consider investing a drop-leaf table that can be expanded if there are visitors coming by.

Small Kitchen Table And Chairs Alternatives

There are lots of benefits having drop-leaf tables in your space. When folded, they can be pushed against a wall and still can serve two people on the two sides. When extended, they offer wide surface to place meals or attractive items such as coasters and candlesticks, or as a table to do homework for kids. A great alternative to small kitchen table and chairs is kitchen island. It may come with or without leaf and it can serve two dinners by adding a couple of stools.

A great idea for small dining areas is buying small kitchen islands that feature built-in shelves to store small items such as plates and wine glasses. There are tables that fold down completely perfect for those who are extremely short on space. They come with sliding storage areas used as collapsible chairs. These chairs are sturdy to sit on. When these small kitchen table and chairs are not in use, it is possible to store them under a bed or in a closet and when there are guest coming you just pull them out.

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